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CLEAR by Denise B. mission is to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty and confidence through innovative skincare solutions. We believe that every person deserves to feel comfortable and radiant in their own skin. Our commitment lies in harnessing the power of science and nature to develop high-quality, effective skincare products that nourish, rejuvenate, and protect.


They strive to promote a culture of self-care and wellness, inspiring our community to prioritize their skincare routines as an essential part of their overall health and happiness. With a dedication to sustainability and ethical practices, we aim to leave a positive impact on both skin and planet. Join us on this journey to unleash your inner glow and discover the beauty of healthy, radiant skin.

I crafted a legible yet elegant logo that perfectly complements the sleek and clean aesthetic of Denise's brand. The simplicity of the logo ensures it remains chic and sophisticated.

In designing the website, I prioritized user experience, ensuring it's easy to navigate, particularly for clients looking to purchase products. This seamless navigation enhances the overall shopping experience.

For the color palette, I opted for soft blues to evoke a sense of calmness, perfectly aligning with the soothing nature of the skincare products Denise offers.


To maintain brand consistency across social media platforms, I created six reusable content posts. These posts are not only visually appealing but also cohesive, ensuring Jessica's brand maintains a strong presence online.


Website development
6 social media content posts
3 logo variations
Color palette

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