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The Designer Hub: Notion Portal for Graphic Designers

SKU 555


This dashboard made in Notion contains 15 already premade pages that contain literally EVERYTHING you need to run a smooth design business. It includes over 100+ links to resources, over 90+ reusable content ideas, copy paste email automation templates and more!


"I made this dashboard to help designers, new and old, during their journey because let's be real. IT IS HARD! During my years of designing, I was burnt out and so unorganized it made no sense. This dashboard is so detailed, if I ever went back to designing, I would literally have all I needed!"


Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to this no-refund policy. Thank you.

What happens after I order?

  • Make your own Notion account. It is free.
  • Purchase your Designer Hub.
  • Download & save the PDF you receive immediately after purchase.
  • Open the PDF, click the link that says, "CLICK HERE".
  • Duplicate The Designer Hub portal into YOUR Dashboard.


If you need help understanding, or a tour of Notion in general, check out my YouTube video here: Watch here.

What's inside this dashboard?

  • Project tracker + Client portal

  • Brand designer contract template

  • Web design checklist

  • Canva brand presentation access

  • 13 website policies

  • 91 reusable social media content ideas

  • 16 categories & 135 questions for client onboarding

  • 125 links to resources & free downloads

  • 36 stock photo keywords

  • 28 copy & past email automations/responses

  • 31 of my favorite stock photo photographers

What do you need?

Notion account. (Yes, they have a free plan!)

How long will I have access to The Designer Hub?

Once it is duplicated to YOUR Notion dashboard, it's yours for life!

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